About us

AMIS Company includes three branches: AMIS (H.K.) Limited Company, Shenzhen AMIS Technology Limited Company,Shenzhen Nice Technology Company Limited. From 2007, AMIS has been driving into the domestic and overseas market for car care products, and in 2008 established Shenzhen AMIS Technology Limited Company formally. Taking Hong kong Company as the foundation, AMIS found a foothold on overseas market, and will further explore both overseas and domestic market.

AMIS has a professional sales team. Our sales are also customers’ engineers who are responsible for supporting customers’ requests, negotiating and communicating with customers’ about products quantity and quality, delivery and after-sales service. AMIS, with enough technology ability and technology application, is acting on the front for the study of air purifiers and ozone sterilizers for future market.

AMIS has a young but professional team. Now, all of AMIS technicians and designers, who are all from famous foreign enterprise or related line, are doing jobs like design, develop and produce air purifiers and ozone sterilizers. All of them have rich experience in develop, manufacture, and quality control. AMIS can also design and produce the special products as customer’s requests.


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